We have a special package of £25 for a plate, 2 x coasters, coffee and cake!

We love to see babies in our studio, you can book a Baby 2 hour session, or come along during an open session. It’s a good idea to bring toys, activities for older babies and toddlers, and all your changing equipment.

Babies will choose their moments of cooperation; it requires patience, a few tries and perseverance! It can be a perfect print first time, or if it doesn’t go well on the day, you can take the pottery and paints home to have another go!

We don’t recommend using baby wipes while we take prints as these don’t mix with paint/glaze, but we can give you a towel, bowl of soapy water or running water in the sink.

Our friendly team will help you as much as we can, although due to social distancing, it’s a good idea to bring a friend or partner to help!