We offer the following studio sessions:

  • Open Sessions (anyone, any age!1.5 hours)
  • Baby & Toddler Sessions (2 hours)
  • Adult Only Sessions (2 hours
  • After School Club (1.5 hours)
  • ‘Bring your own bottle’ evenings (2 hours)
  • Workshops and Classes (1.5 or 2 Hours)

During term time, you can book sessions from Weds – Sat. We often have sessions at 10 am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Group Bookings/parties may be available on Sun – Tues please ask.

During School Holidays, we have open sessions running 7 days per week.

You can BOOK online by clicking on Book Now above - just select the session you require and pay a deposit. Any balance is payable when you visit.

Useful info when visiting our studio:

Pottery Painting is for any age, but toddlers and young children under 6 will have a very short concentration span. You may not fill a 1.5 session and it is a good idea to bring additional activities for toddlers and key stage 1 children to do, especially when you have older children and adults, who will want to take more time.

Baby hand and footprints, (and even bum prints!) make a lovely gift or keepsake.

We recommend you book a special baby session, or tell us if you are bringing a baby to an open session. We recommend you bring a friend to help you. We can also book your family dog in for paw prints! 

Your pottery will usually be ready in 7 days, but can be shorter, or longer depending on how items fit into the kiln, it is really not an easy thing to predict! We try to contact all customers to let you know when pottery is ready but this can be difficult when we are busy in the studio until late in the evenings. During busy times it may take 7 -10 days, please pop in or call us to check its ready if you are making a special trip. 

We have a very small space and no waiting area, so please arrive ON time for your session, and not early, as we need time to thoroughly clean and make covid safe between bookings. 

We are surprisingly left with large amounts of uncollected pottery! Please collect your creations promptly and enjoy them - they are the product of you or your children's creativity...  to be celebrated, shared, or gifted!

We look forward to seeing you soon, and want you experience to be lovely. If you have any special requests, suggestions or feedback we welcome them. 

Have fun creating some memories!